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Problem With Encoding In Ogg

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hehe, seems to simple:)
my directsound v is 1.37, waveout is 1.03
where can i update these?
im on winamp 2.80

The newest 2x version of Winamp Classic is 2.81:

You'll still need to install Peter's Winamp 2.81 Critical Update:
I also recommend grabbing the in_vorbis.exe decoder from Peter's site since it is newer than what Winamp will install.

Problem With Encoding In Ogg

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thanks for everyones help
with winamps eq off, it no longer distorts, nice and crystal clear
im just having a hard time comparing it to my typical mp3 with a winamp rock eq on
its hard for me to make a judgement about one being better or worse then the other
guess i'll have some fun listening and experimenting ahead
thanks again to everyone, espicially jenny for all the suggestions:)

Problem With Encoding In Ogg

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What I dont get is:

you wav files sounded distorted therefore your ogg files sounded distorted.  There cant be anything wrong with your wav files because mp3s and mpcs turn out perfect.  What makes things even more confusing is that the ogg file I told you to try out sounded perfect???

Now that is one weird situation to be in

I have 2 more tests which you can try out if you're still interested

Try downloading a wav file from HERE or HERE.  Both links download the same file but from difference servers.  Download from whichever is fastest for you as the zipped file is around 2.2Mb.

The purpose of this test is to find out if you do have a problem with your wav files!

Download this "1by1".  Its a small audio player which does not need to be installed on your computer, just download into a new directory and double click 1by1.exe and its up and running.  This player will play mp3, mpc, wav, and ogg formats.

This test is to find out if there is anything wrong with winamp.

The reason for this is that I am able to play all audio formats lossy and lossless on winamp 2.81 with EQ switched on with no sound problems high and low volume levels.

Happy testing

Problem With Encoding In Ogg

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so i decide screw it, im just going to get a new copy on winamp and reinstall
i get 2.81 installed, and the plugins, and do some ripping
no more distortion at higher volumes, eq on or off
i still have no clue what was the matter before though, its really bugging me


Problem With Encoding In Ogg

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so i decide screw it, im just going to get a new copy on winamp and reinstall

Go one better and get XMPlay.  Has all the same features except crossfade in a < 200K program.    Download it at Un4seen Developments.

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