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WavPack 4.0 final released

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I think I see what's going on here. The Mausau plugin does not support WavPack 4.0 files at all (the format is completely different) and so shows bad information for files created with the new plugin. Both of your examples were decoded with the Mausau plugin (I can tell because mine has an additional "format" parameter in the info list), and so the one encoded with the new plugin shows bad data. If you are going to use WavPack 4.0 files I would suggest just using the newer plugin for everything.

erff...yes, you're right.  I delete Mausau plugin and with yours information is correct.

WavPack 4.0 final released

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Are CUESHEET tags update-able in foo_wavpack ? Be cause I'm constantly losing my CUESHEET tags when I modify them 
Perhaps there's an issue with foo_cue_ex.
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