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WavPack 4.0 released...

Here I was, minding my own business when I thought I'd check to see if WavPack 4.0 had been released yet. Usually I'd head straight to HA to check the front page, but my mind brought me to first. 

And lo and behold! A newly designed page and new final build of WavPack 4.0. When I come to HA to see some conversation about it, I see no mention on of it. Very odd...  Was it just released this very minute or something?

Anyway, go get it.

WavPack 4.0 released...

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I guess that if it's not mentioned here already there must be a reason (that I don't know). Anyway, that's (or will be) a good news.

WavPack 4.0 released...

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Yes, it is 4.0 final alright. Date of the executable is 24-Jul-04. I would like to know if there were any changes from the latest beta.

Anyway, thanks Bryant!

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