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Topic: foobar 's bug on 8Khz mp3? (Read 3964 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar 's bug on 8Khz mp3?

this mp3 is encode by lame 3.90.3
sound bad when played by foobar. 
playing by winamp and neromix, sound ok.

I trid encode by neromix and cooleditpro, the problem is still there.
so must be the foobar's decoder problem.

i replace the file

foobar 's bug on 8Khz mp3?

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What is that mean? 

foobar 's bug on 8Khz mp3?

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You posted the whole song, which might be copyrighted. In order to keep things legal, you will have to cut the song to only 30 seconds. It doesn't have to be the first 30 seconds, though, but any range which is not larger than 30 seconds.

One more thing... For foobar2000 related uploads, please use the foobar2000 upload forum in the future.

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