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Topic: fb2k v.0.8.2 WavPack playback crash (Read 2297 times) previous topic - next topic
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fb2k v.0.8.2 WavPack playback crash

I've got a problem with playing WavPack Files
I've foo_wavpack.dll loaded and assosiated this file types during the installation, but file open error ocurees when playing.
ERROR (CORE) : error opening file for playback

fb2k v.0.8.2 WavPack playback crash

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The only thing I can think of is that you need a new foo_wavpack.dll to play files created with any of the WavPack 4.0 betas, either my basic one or Case's with cuesheet support. Info here:

WavPack 4.0 beta 3

Also, the newer plugins should display an error giving you some idea why they failed to play.


fb2k v.0.8.2 WavPack playback crash

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Evrything's OK now.
Thank you! 

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