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Lossless AAC?

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I use lossless in my desktop and AAC on the iPod.  To keep them separate I created smart playlists for each kind of encoding.

I'm seriously considering doing that as well. I want to buy a huge (250GB) external hard drive to hold all of my music. By storing in lossless, I will be able to create a lossless playlist and convert songs as needed to lossy codecs like MP3 or AAC.

Only hitch: I love iTunes, except for the fact that Sound Check sucks compared to ReplayGain and that it won't encode/play formats such as FLAC or MonkeyAudio. If I had a choice, I would encode everything to one of those lossless formats (FLAC or MonkeyAudio), play those in iTunes, and then convert them when needed down to MP3 or AAC.

Might be forced to stick with Foobar because of this. Come on Apple, who needs another lossless format, especially one that does not even compress better then the other lossless formats in most cases?

All I want is the simple and just-plain-works interface of iTunes combined with support for numerous audio formats (encode/play/burning) and the use of ReplayGain (so much better accuracy compared to Sound Check). That is all I want.
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Lossless AAC?

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True. But the players must then support the chapter system. Otherwise, fastseeking on 1h30 just to hear the final Arien of a Wagner Opera need stoic virtues.

I just confirmed on the Apple iPod forum that the iPod does not support the "chapter" system.

That's strike 3 for Apple Lossless for me.

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