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I think my iMP-350 died

Well, my iRiver iMP-350 has been refusing to read CDs. Data or audio. It reads nothing. It spends like 1 minute trying to playback the CD, and finally says something like "No Disc" or shutdowns automatically.
I'm really worried about this, mainly because I spent 1 month working in part-time to buy this thing, and now it decides to die on me. Worst of all, the official purchase date in my receipt is "23/01/2003", wich means my 1 year warranty has expired.
I don't know how this happenned. I'm extremelly cauteous with it, so i must be a hardware deffect, not caused by me.
I'm going to try to get my unit replaced anyway, since i bought it online and it took almost a month to arrive to my house... and the difficulties reading discs started a few months ago, so in practise, the warranty should cover it. Theorically, it has already expired. I hope the iriver support or the online store i bought the unit understand this.

Anyway, I'm going to try one of those lens-cleaner cds tomorrow, though i don't have many hope.

Any suggestions or advices are, of course, welcome.


I think my iMP-350 died

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I dropped mine once and the lens assembly got stuck in some weird position.  I popped it back and s'okay now.

Good luck.
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