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[WAREZ] Has M4P2MP4 been defeated?

 I love M4P2MP4.exe. 

Which in my opinion is a critical part of making the iTunes music store a viable solution.  I cannot justify buying music in a format that limits how I use it and by what means I may play the music files.  However... man it's nice to just download songs that are perfectly tagged with album art.  And I don't have to junk up my house with thousands of CD cases.   

OK... that being said.  M4P2MP4 is only generating .MP4 files with a sustained beep for me.  The file also crashes iTunes when it's reimported and Quicktime plays it as if it's a totally blank file.    I've only discovered M4P2MP4 recently... so for all I know I'm making some Newbie mistake, but I doubt it because there really isn't much to screw up.

Before I keep hacking away here... is it possible the last update of itunes has made this type of converstion impossible?  It doesn't seem plausible that they could change the core logic of their DRM after their product is already in the market... but perhaps they did. 

Any insight would be helpful.

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