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[USELESS] Random OT ranting

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  funny I know your talking about which format is better but everything else is just completly over my head and I dont understand. So as you can see I am an average audio person (ok not quiete I dont like mp3 at 224kbit or below).

So anything which is better quality then CD I dont care about. Nor do any people who buy any chart singles or 98% of all people who listen to music.

Does it matter which format is better? It will come down to which format will work best with existing players (none) or which format gets the bigger money input for roll-out, and I think it will be DVD-A cause people allready know DVD and DVD-A works allready with my computer even though I dont use it and have never come accross a DVD-A disc. Not that I care much cause my hifi costs below $1500 so I cant hear any difference anyway.

All I want is better mastered CD's and less poo artists

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