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Creating 4CH/Quadrophonic audio...

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Prologic 2s ability to decode SQ vinyl is limited.  I believe it has better results on QS recordings.  SQ is decodable in software though.

To be honest making a 4 channel CD sounds a bit pointless as there is almost nothing that it will play back on.  I'd suggest either matrix encoding it,  or making a DTS Audio CD.  DTS Audio CDs being playable in configurations up to 5.1 through software or through a CD player digitally connected to a DTS processor (like a cinema surround amp).

Creating 4CH/Quadrophonic audio...

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It is possible to burn four-channel audio on a CD; you just need to:
1) Convert your track to RAW (16bit, 22050 Hz, four-channel, signed, little-endian)
2) Create a cuesheet that describes how to burn your file, specify file type as "BINARY", not "WAVE" as usually. Also specify "FLAGS 4CH" for the audio track.
Code: [Select]
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

3) Burn the cuesheet with program that supports "FLAGS 4CH" flag, CDRwin does support, Nero doesn't (it ignores it).

Besides, I have found one 4ch track (only one track on a CD!) in my CD collection. It is on Craig Chaquico's "Shadow and Light". The last track ("Café Carnival") sounded like improperly upsampled 22050 (this is obvious to me), but it didn't have "FLAGS 4CH". So I extracted it as binary (raw PCM), converted to quadraphonic WAVE file and splitted into four mono tracks. Comparison showed that all the tracks were different!

Good luck!

Edit: added a cuesheet sample.

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