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Unable to hear audio

I have a strange problem, in that I can't hear any audio from my latest DVD - the Brass Eye series & special episode.

I am using MPC both to play the DVD directly, and the DVD Decrypter ISO which I made for backups.  This is the only DVD I have come across with this problem and it's really baffling me.

The only difference I can tell between it and my other DVD's is that this one is 7.1gb in size, whereas all the others have been around the 4gb mark - so I think it has to be a different kind of disc.

MPC reports the audio as being AC3 48000hz 16bits 2 channels - so there should be no reason why the format is the problem, as this is just the same as other discs.

The other anomaly is I *can* hear the audio during the first Title chapter (VCI's logo) - but during the menu, episodes and extras I just get silence??

The only thing I could guess at is my DVD drive (LITE ON LTD163D) can't read 7gb discs properly and so borked on both my attempts to read the disc, and when I ripped the ISO.  Although, the episodes play perfectly [span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'](I watched a bit with subtitles before giving up - and have flicked through to check they work)[/span] - so to be honest I am completely lost for ideas?
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Unable to hear audio

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You should try to play that DVD with WinDVD or PowerDVD just to make sure it's not a codec problem.

Unable to hear audio

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I suspect the DVD contains only DTS audio. Please check . Other wise try re-installing ac3filter.

Unable to hear audio

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I have seen this twice before. Just open the .IFO file - not the .VOB files directly.

Unable to hear audio

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Thanks for the answers - sshd fixed the problem

I can already play DTS as I have a music DVD with it, and I really don't want to install crapware [span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'](any video player other than MPC!)[/span]
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