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Your opinions about iFi Audio micro iTube 2

Hello friends.
iFi microtube 2 is an about 400$ unit (in
The micro iTube2 is a tubed output stage, preamp, buffer and impedance matching device rolled into one.

In other words, it replaces flat recording with studio-quality sound.

This is high-end audio as it was meant to be heard.

The micro iTube2 separates and emphasises each vocal and instrument. It adds warmth, removes harshness and kicks your speakers into action.

But there’s more…the micro iTube2 is loaded with the latest technology, including:

XBass+ To clean up and restore a rich, deeper bass line
3D+ To recreate live stage atmosphere, and
Whatever your music system, your favourite bands just started sounding even better!

What's your opinions about this unit?
Can I improve my audio using this unit with a Denon PMA 720AE amplifier?
Thank you...

Re: Your opinions about iFi Audio micro iTube 2

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So... you would improve sound by adding some harmonics into it?
Isn't it better to make room adjustments and/or changing speakers? You know, speakers make the sound you don't like, also, bad mastering.
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Re: Your opinions about iFi Audio micro iTube 2

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Anything with a valve (tube) in it is designed to appeal to the audiophools who still persist in the myth that they sound "more musical". The truth is that in a domestic audio setting (and most other settings nowadays), valves are nothing but an expensive nuisance. At best, they won't degrade the sound by much but i wouldn't put money on that holding true in all cases. They will *never* restore lost quality as per the claims for that device - nothing else will either.

The claims are just full of audiophool terms. It's an effects-box and not the smartest of designs either. It appears to have very little cooling so the components around the valve will suffer heat-stress and shortened lifespan. It also mounts the valve horizontally, something that is not recommended for most valves.

Conclusion: avoid like the plague.

Re: Your opinions about iFi Audio micro iTube 2

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What's your opinions about this unit?

It's moronic. The only reason to use tubes in audio is because you like tubes, because if you design a tube circuit properly, it won't sound any different from a properly designed circuit incorporating opamps.

Here's a less-expensive product which can actually make a worthwhile sonic improvement:


Re: Your opinions about iFi Audio micro iTube 2

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How about a Topping D30 DSD/PCM DAC?

It's only $120 on Amazon.

It gets an excellent review on audiosciencereview.
Internal photos here

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