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Temp folder for remote tagging

This might or might not be a feature request, depending on if what I'm trying to do is already possible.

My music files reside on a shared network drive. It's a collection mainly in FLAC format and comprises many multichannel and high resolution files, i.e. files that are very often bigger than 100 MB each.. I connect to those via other computer on the network, wired and wireless. I also use these computers, very often my notebook connected via Wifi, to tag.

Now here's where the problem arises. Tagging FLAC files usually results in them being re-written which is a very time consuming process, more so when connected via Wifi. As far as I can see, a temp file is generated in the same folder as the original file. That means that big files need to be read and written across the network multiple times until the updated (new file) is into place. I imagine the would be much quicker if the original file would first be read into memory, then in a second step the new file would constructed in the local storage and as a last step copied back to the original location, overwriting the original file.

For that, a local temp folder for this operation needs to be defined in foobar2000's configuration. Is that already possible and if not, could this be implemented?

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