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upnp help (bubbleupnp)

i installed the bubble upnp server on my machine, and also the upnp plugins for foobar, but am having troubles playing music files.

my setup is, i have a wd cloud drive i use for a home server. i have tons of audio files in lots of hi res formats. i used to just hard wire (toslink) my computer to my home audio receiver, but now have to go wireless/wifi.

i have bubbleupnp server installed on my laptop, plus the foobar upnp plugins installed on my laptop. i have also added a chromecast audio, to render/play files to the receiver.

the server sees the wd and the chromecast audio.

i open foobar, set the output to the cca, but when i do, the songs won't play. they are visible in the foobar screen, but they don't advance.

can anyone help me with this? it's quite frustrating. and fyi, i am not a very network savvy fellow. if the fix is too techy, i'd probably just go ahead and get another dedicated laptop to reside by the entertainment center, and just go toslink again.

thanks in advance.

Re: upnp help (bubbleupnp)

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i have to jump on that train. i setup bubbleupnp server which recognizes my mi box with chromecast functionality. when using foobar with foo_out_upnp i can connect to chromecast, but track doesn't play. same when using windows "play to device"-feature... it connects to chromecast, even shows track information but doesn't play. may it interfere with firewall settings from windows or something similar?


Re: upnp help (bubbleupnp)

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Make sure tat TCP port 58050 is not blocked on your PC (by the a firewall) for incoming connections from within the LAN. The Chromecast will connect to that port for streaming.

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