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Android app awful


I have just installed foobar on my android phone, and maybe I'm doing it wrong, but the use of the app is just awful to me: text only interface, playlist creation is a nightmare, can't apply replaygain (no other player offers it as far as I noticed). I'm using foobar under windows and it is absolutely perfect, I just can't understand why the android version seems so much different. Can somebody help me ? Thanks in advance.


Re: Android app awful

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Hello support and other users,

Replaygain on windows Foobar2000 is very easy to use, but on android, as of writing at 21 march 2019, i cannot do the same as in Windows version. In windows version I just say :

- per track replaygain

and all files are normalized per file and it is shown how much dB it is lowered. Then I just apply and the replaygain tag is updated.
But on android, i cannot scan and normalize volume to a specific amount. Not all files are recorded at the same volume.

A work around, which is not very handy, is apply replaygain with windows foobar2K, then I can play the files in Android version. But this is not efficient.

So , how can I do this in Android Foobar2000?

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