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Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x88880001)

I just updated Foobar to the latest version (from a recent beta version I think....), and now Foobar will not play any files. I am running the most up-to-date version of Windows 10.

The error message I get is "Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x88880001)".

After restarting the laptop, I cleared out all my Playlists, opened a new Playlist, and added song files to that playlist. I took the files from the same location as always (the C drive).

When I attempted to play the files in the new playlist, I got the exact same error message.

I then checked my 3rd party plugins, and ensured that they were all updated. I restarted the laptop and tried again. I got the same error message.

Any suggestions?

p.s. My apologies if the forum has already dealt with this issue. I did a search for discussions with this error message, and nothing came up.

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