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Playlist time remaining

I have two unrelated questions.

 1 - I know there is a way to see the total time of highlighted items in a playlist. Is there a way, when the playlist is playing, to see the remaining time (countdown) of the total playlist?

 2 - In an older version of fb2k (1.1.5.), in the "View" menu there is a selection for "Time Display". When selected it creates an independent window that can display  programmable info (artist, remaining time, etc). In ver. 1.4.2 it isn't there. Is it still available? If so, how do I access it?

Thanks for the help!

Re: Playlist time remaining

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Hey there,

1) Probably using javascript. Not my area of expertise.

2) Appears to be a separate plug-in? - foo_timedisplay - Not sure if still works on current foobar.


Re: Playlist time remaining

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Good call on foo_ timedisplay. Forgot I had installed it on the older copy.

Re: Playlist time remaining

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Hi again,

It occurs to me you can get Facets to display remaining playlist time (static time, not a countdown), with a query filter based on whether tracks have been played during the last day. That of course would only apply to the first play of the day, once it repeats (if playback order has a repeat mode) it would not show anything. Not a perfect solution, but still. (It works better combined with Skip Track, which I use to skip anything played in the last two days).

In Preferences > Media Library > Facets > Filters > 'Add New' button -

Code: [Select]
Name: Remaining
Query: NOT %last_played% DURING LAST 2 DAYS

(Also requires Playback Statistics to get the %last_played% field)

In the screenshot you can see total playlist items / duration on the right, verses remaining in the filtered columns.

Cheers 8)


Re: Playlist time remaining

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Thanks, good info.

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