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Question about foobar2000 context menu

Question about foobar2000 context menu.

Windows 7 x64
foobar2000 1.4.2 with tedgo DarkOne 4.0 theme

This has been bugging me for some time and I can't figure it out.
Maybe there are contradictions in my thinking about this option?

Here goes...
Having playlist (ELP) in foobar, complete albums, songs etc.
Outside foobar, when I want to add more albums, songs, I mark the files/album, then use right-click option "Enqueue in foobar" and it's added in the ELP.
However, if I "miss" selecting "Enqueue..." and instead select "Play in foobar2000" all the albums/songs in ELP are removed... bummmer...

So is there a way to solve this?
The ideal thing would be to completely remove "Play in foobar2000" from context menu.
Can't find that option inside foobar?
I tried editing/deleting in the registry, removing "Play in foobar2000", but its hidden somewhere and I couldn't find all of it.

Any ideas about this? Input is highly appreciated!

Kind regards

Re: Question about foobar2000 context menu

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Hi there,

You could try Preferences > Shell Integration > 'Set enqueue as the default action'. I'm not sure if that removes the 'Play' option outright. Also 'Always send new files to playlist X' option.

When editing the registry you might have to restart Windows for it to take effect. Not every time, but sometimes I've had to for some reason...



Re: Question about foobar2000 context menu

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Thanks for info, already had those settings ticked.
Maybe I'll have a go at the registry again...


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