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Topic: Foobar suddenly no longer will read any CD, on any disc drive (Read 773 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar suddenly no longer will read any CD, on any disc drive

I am pulling my hair out here. I have been troubleshooting for hours with zero progress, and nothing to explain this sudden behavior. It started last week, but I only just looked at it today- might be tied into a Windows update, but the most recent one seemed to have helpfully wiped out my update history, so I am unable to identify and roll back. I am on Windows 10, latest 1809 build. The two players I am trying are an old internal LG WH10LS30 Blu-Ray rewritable and an external LG GP50 DVD-RW.

Trying to open a CD within Foobar results in:

"Could not access any of found CD drives.

Please shut down any other software possibly locking your CD drive."

Trying to open a single song off of a CD results in:

"Unable to open item for playback (Disc not available):

If I add to playlist, the track has ? for Artist and Album, Title is a string of characters as above.

Trying to auto play the CD from Explorer, Foobar opens and nothing happens

Every other media player works with zero issue; VLC, MS Media Player, Groove.

I am logged in as an admin, running foobar as an admin.

I have reinstalled multiple times, tried the latest version as well as previous version. I also tried the version from Windows Store.

Tried uninstalling/ reinstalling the drives in Device manager, as well as my SATA controller.

Also tried a fresh Foobar profile, and cleared out my temp folder for good measure.

Obviously, many system reboots.

What am I missing here??


Re: Foobar suddenly no longer will read any CD, on any disc drive

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I finally got a lead on this when I tried to install the Foobar light version, which wants to install to the user folder. No dice, even when running as an admin. It would install to Program Files, however. Odd.

I resynced my permissions on user directory, as well as ran sfc and dism scans. Zero issues. Started to Google around, and I found it; In Windows Security Center under Device Performance and Health is "Ransomware protection" Turned on, it is silent and doesn't generate notification when it takes action. Turned it off, Foobar worked fine. Turned it back on, added Foobar as an exception, worked fine.

That was a wasted day of troubleshooting, but I hope this might help someone else (I imagine this issue can affect many apps other than Foobar as well.)

Re: Foobar suddenly no longer will read any CD, on any disc drive

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I confirm this solution worked for me.  Thank you. 

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