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Is this encoder related to AAC?  Winamp can rip down to 16 kbps .aac.  Is TwinVQ theoretically strictly for 8kbps?
Daniel L Newhouse

Re: TwinVQ

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The Fraunhoffer mpeg4 AAC encoder with Winamp does

He-AAC v2 12 -40 kbps
HE-AAC 44-84 kbps
LC-AAC  88-448 kbps

with the encoder on automatic

TwinVQ does speech encoding at 8 kbps. 

How about some optional features that are needed, parametric volume normalization. 

Also, nano-parametric EQ.  Every album is put through an EQ curve, and to get the right sound out, you need to compensate with an EQ curve.

Honestly, I understand parametric EQ and volume normalization.  But parametric volume?
Daniel L Newhouse

Re: TwinVQ

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Parametric volume does make sense, as all you need to provide, is parameters to an envelope function. Those coefficients then get multiplied with the sample and you get the un-attenuated sample back (which can be bit-depth limited). I'd assume a volume function isn't computed for the entire track, but on some sort of per-frame, or per-number-of-frames.

Re: TwinVQ

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534 kpbs per channel is the rate at which you can get lyrics to scroll with the song, is it not?  I'm wondering if HD radio could have met that broadcast rate.

Daniel L Newhouse


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108 kbps is minimum for synchronized lyrics.  534 kbps would include cover art and rear art with each song in addition to the scrolling lyrics.  For .aac broadcast.
Daniel L Newhouse

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The bitrate for one cover art and synchronized lyrics is 434 kbps. 

After Appetite for Destruction, nobody is going to want to broadcast the rear cover art.

I'm looking at mp3Tag Pro which is the only software that lists multiple artwork for each file and Tag & Rename which has a separate listing for folder art. 
Daniel L Newhouse

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