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Replay gain / Target volume level / no effect

Hi toghther

It's my first posting in this forum and I'm new to FLAC and replay gain. I want to add replay gain values to the metadata of my files. I think I understand the process.

I scanned the files as album and saw the changes foobar will add to the metadata.

Then I changed the target volume level in settings and scanned again, but there was no effect of the values such as "Album gain" and "Track gain". But shouldn't the target volume level have effect to this? Or do I understand something wrong?

Re: Replay gain / Target volume level / no effect

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Go to Playback settings page and adjust the preamp sliders in the ReplayGain settings area to change the level all your music plays at.

ReplayGain metadata tags are fixed at a target level of 89 dB otherwise it's a violation of the specification itself.

What is it you're trying to do?

Re: Replay gain / Target volume level / no effect

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If the files were scanned&tagged with some unknown target level then these tags would be useless because you can't figure out what they mean.

If you want to change playback level, it's the "preamp / with RG info" slider in playback settings, no need to put invalid tags into files to achieve this

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