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Need help choosing a headphone

Hello! I'm thinking of buying a bluetooth over-ear headphone to use for listening to music and also for gaming on my Nintendo Switch.

Ideally, I'd like a headphone with good audio quality for listening to music, but also with low latency for gaming (I mostly play RPGs, not FPS so multiple audio driver for different sound position is not a necessity). Therefore, a headphone supporting AptX-LL codec with good audio quality might be what I'm looking for (the AptX-LL supported bluetooth transmitter for my Switch is a problem I can probably solve later on after finding the right headphone).

So, I'd really appreciate any suggestion for the headphone, or any points I might have missed . I'd like it to be no more than $200 as well if possible. That's as much as I can afford at the moment.

I actually have my eyes on a Sony WH-CH700N for now (no AptX-LL support, only AptX and AptX-HD). The audio quality seemed to be alright and the price is just right for me (I don't really needed ANC but its there). Sadly it's still missing AptX-LL. If I can't find a better alternative, I'll probably end up buying this and give up on bluetooth gaming if the latency on AptX-HD is that bad.

Thank you in advance!

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