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dBpoweramp music player

I've been using the subject player for over 15 years, suddenly certain MP3 music files will not play. The non-playing files previously played fine. Any help with resolving this issues will be greatly appreciated.

system info:
win 7 64bit
sound blaster Audigy
other stuff is basic.


Re: dBpoweramp music player

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Do these "bad" files play in Windows Media Player, or with anything else?

You can try running MP3 Diags and/or VbrFix to see if they find (and hopefully repair) any problems with the MP3s.

...I didn't think dBpoweramp was designed to be a music player.   It's mainly a file converter.


Re: dBpoweramp music player

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They all play in AIMP and I think in win media player. Checked (compared) date of no-plays vs good (plays).... no discernable differences.

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