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EAC tracks+cue+log

I don't remember how to do this. I want to rip a CD with EAC to multiple wav or flac files with cuesheet and log file.

Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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Thanks for the link. I already looked into those guides but I still haven't found what I want to do.
This is what I'm doing:

1) Load the CD to EAC
2) Action: Detect Gaps (F4)
3) Action: Copy Selected Tracks Uncompressed (F5)
Extraction ends and EAC automatically generates a log file, but not a cuesheet, it has to be created via one more action:
4) Action: Create CUE Sheet

Am I doing it right?

Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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Aight thanks korth.


Re: EAC tracks+cue+log

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And make sure that you use "Multiple WAV files with gaps (Non-compliant)" when you create the cue sheet.

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