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[suggestion/request] Library List Selection

Hello, new user here but not new to foobar.
foobar is great player I'm using it for a long time.. mainly I was using it just as playlist player but recently I started using it (like it should be used) as media library player/manager.

I have suggestion about album list, I'll try to explain.
When you click on an album or artist (depends how grouped library tree is) from library list it is highlighted (colored) until another album is selected. I would like that album that is currently playing to remain highlighted (in same or another color) regardless of clicking on another album/artist. Maybe this is not possible because these are two different views (library tree and playlist view).

But, can it be made to highlight or mark expanded artist/album and to remain highlighted even when you click on another album?
 Basically can it be possible to make every expanded album/artist highlighted?

This can be just aesthetically feature but it can be useful too.
Thanks in advance.
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