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Timeline of features

I have been using Foobar2000 since I think 2000 was in the future, and when it had its toolbar as menu items without submenus. I.e.
  • [II] [|>] ... etc.

Anyways I have been thinking about UX design and how at the time Winamp couldn't play mp3s without a gap when transitioning between them.

When did Foobar2000 have gap-less playback?

And when did it have undo revert a sort?—which seems trivial but I think it breaks the MVC paradigm that most undo systems work. Most programs won't add changes to the view to their undo stack.

Re: Timeline of features

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Sorting isn't a change to the view, though, it's a change to the actual order of the tracks. Without undo history, there is no way to undo a sort.

Re: Timeline of features

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Ah, so if I understand correctly—the reason you can sort undo is because in the design the order of the tracks are a part of the state of the model. So really you aren't undoing the view, you are undoing the model? And not just as an implementation detail because to actually implement the undo you would have to store the state somewhere.

Did I understand correctly?

Either way thought, I still think it is one of those ideas like "undo close tab" in Chrome that are simple, yet have been overlooked for a long time before they came around.

Windows Explorer won't undo a sort.

Re: Timeline of features

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Right click on playlist switcher (list, tabs) select from the Restore list to restore any closed playlist. Note this list is only populated for the life of the session, so if you quit the player, the undo list is lost.

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