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[Suggestion] Windows 10 Audio Panel Integration

Straight to the point, I would like foobar2000 to integrate with Windows 10 as on attached picture. I think I saw Spotify on friend's computer being able to do this, so foobar should be able too.
Is there a plugin available that can do it, or is foobar capable of doing it on its own? If not, any chance of this getting implemented?

In my defence, I tried to search before writing this post but didn't find anything on this topic.


Re: [Suggestion] Windows 10 Audio Panel Integration

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That's it, thank you.
However, I still think this feature should be available in foobar by default. Hope devs will consider it one day.

Re: [Suggestion] Windows 10 Audio Panel Integration

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Looks sexy and sleek..kinda Ubuntu Gnome ish

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