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[ToS #2] Re: Apple TVBR vs CVBR

So show us where Apple AAC isn't transparent at 180 kbps.
This 180 kbps vs 320 kbps comparison is meaningless.

To my ears, Apple AAC sounds totally fucking horrible, even at 320 kbps. It's not tuned properly at all. Apparently, the bunch who created FDK AAC actually gave a shit about how it sounds, because it sounds better that files encoded in that shit version of AAC that Apple puts out. The only thing I trust, when it comes to music, is my ears, so I could care less about what some stupid poll says.

Wasn't talking about 96 kbps, but FDK AAC 180 VBR vs Apple AAC 320kbps. Again, people should do their own ABX tests to find out what works for them. At that setting, FDK AAC sounded pretty damned transparent to my ears..
And I wasn't talking  just about 96 kbps either.
if You make a claim You should back them with something.

Actually, I was just trying to offer the original poster some assistance. Not worry about trying to appease some arrogant jerkoff who wants to fling accusations at people and be like "Prove it, motherfucker!" Why don't you do your own ABX tests and see what come up with? What? Too goddamned lazy? I wasn't! I guess Spoon wasn't, either. FDK AAC replaced Nero as their default AAC encoder But I guess he's full of shit too, right? Great move attacking somebody for just giving somebody else advice.

BTW: Fuck you, and your goddamned troll friends! And some people wonder why this place has such a shit reputation?

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