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[ToS #8] Re: Foobar event/push mode

Audibly there should not be any difference, at all. Both modes should yield the same result.
On my setup (Audioengine D1 DAC, connected via USB, listening on speakers - Audioengine A5+), there's always been a noticeable difference between the 2 modes. I've seen the same thing mentioned on the internet in different other places too. No, I am not crazy. In Event mode, the sound is warmer, better vocals. In Push mode, it's colder, vocals are less prominent and, highs and lows seem louder than vocals. Also big difference based on the buffer length setting in Foobar/WASAPI: small buffer gives a 'harsher' sound, way too prominent highs (talking about sub 150ms), while a higher buffer (500+ ms) gives more mellow highs, but a really bad overall listening experience (significantly more mid-bass, more low-voice echo).

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