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[NECROTROLLING (TOS #2)] Re: Dolby B simulation

I just reread this after I abandoned it because of the sanctimonious, yet ignorant responses from those who feel they have such a grasp on their understanding of a topic that they can't maintain a civil tone.  It's responses like the ones I mentioned that intimidate those who are enthusiastically trying to learn from participating to learn more.  Not the case with me.  Rather I haven't the time nor inclination to argue with narrow minded fools.  This could have been an interesting discussion about Dolby B digital processing , but instead, certain individuals felt it important to glom onto a really inconsequential point and attempt to beat back any enthusiasm I had for this board and the discussion with their prized, incorrect ignorance.  What you did is end discussion.  Congratulations.  I'm sure there is someone out there with something to add to this and other boards, but fear contributing because of your bullying.  Bravo!! !!  Disagree...don't disrespect.

Cheers yourself!!!!

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