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[TOS #8] Re: Noise shaping in CEP/AA?

In 12/2016 I think that when converting from higher bitrate to 16 bit applying TPDF dither (plain) is generally recommended. If the file already contains enough random noise (from recording or previous dither at 16 bit) it can be omitted.

Considering noise shaping I have only subjective experience which I cannot prove with reliable ABX test log. From that subjective experience my preference of modified-e-weighted (SoX) or ID 4 (SSRC 1.33) noise shaping outcomes. On some conversions I do not use noise shaping at all. But you have to try noise shaping effects for yourself.

If you feel that you cannot decide well on dither/noise shaping in particular 16 bit tracks (s) conversion, then just apply TPDF dither (no shaping) and forget about it.

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