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[TOS #7/9/12] Spotify to MP3 converter

Hello everybody  :) ,

Recently I became a premium customer of Spotify, that ables me to listen to my entire music without internet connection. The problem is, I also would like to listen to my favored playlists in my car, which doesn`t offer the opportunity to connect with my smartphone or to install the application directly. Now Im searching for a possibility to extract mp3-files from Spotify, that enables me to save them on CD. Already tried a free program, but I was not satisfied. Cause the music quality was really bad and also I got my playlist as an endless soundtrack. However, I would prefer to get each song as an individual file.

My question now: Could anybody recommend me a legal software, that provides this features? I would also be willing to spend some money for a good one.

Thanks for help in advance!

Re: Spotify to MP3 converter

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The process of ripping audio from Spotify is illegal, no matter if the software used is paid or not.
You could look into a aux to FM-transmitter. Or a new stereo for your car with aux or/ and bluetooth.

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