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[TOS #8] Re: Dither vs Sampling Rate

Noise shaping is based on the fact that people hear higher frequencies worse than lower and that they do not hear above approx. 20 kHz at all. This gives, at the 16bit level, a possibility to shift noise to less perceived status. The lower the sample rate the less this shifting space is and vice versa. At e.g. 32 kHz it is really a matter of listening tests what will be preferred, as no ideal solution exists within that space.

Personally I prefer TPDF or very lightly shaped dither at 16bit and in todays environment I would not bother with lower sample rates than 44.1 kHz.

Re: Dither vs Sampling Rate

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Maybe I do not know the details of TPDF, but I prefer it or light noise shaping like low-shibata or Finalcd dither  in 16 bit tracks. At lower bitrate (which I think is obsolete today since 8 bit or so  is no longer technically required) it is a matter of personal preference and also individual ath curve. E.g. Older people may prefer noise shaping even at. E.g. 22 kHz sample rate better (20-11000 real range) since they do not hear higher frequencies that well.

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