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Topic: [TOS #2/6] Re: CUETools versions 1.9.5 through 2.1.5 (current) (Read 518 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TOS #2/6] Re: CUETools versions 1.9.5 through 2.1.5 (current)

I am trying to split a 32bit/192kHz .wv file and keep getting a "Exception: Audio format is not Red Book PCM." error.

Please add support for this. There is no reason why CUETools shouldn't already support High Fidelity audio. It is so incredibly asinine that you use an audio enthusiast forum for support for a program that itself does not support enthusiast audio. WTF!?

I got what I needed done using Foobar2000 but does anyone know of a good alternative to CUETools for HD audio?

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