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[TOS #2] From: Best price/value DAC's

It's those sorts of seemingly harmless opinions which have turned high-end audio into what it is today.
Not true, to my opinion. It's unchecked statements like "This IS" or "That DOES" that have done that.

If you simply want to purchase a fancy DAC, by all means do that: Aesthetics, features and form factors might make things more convenient and enjoyable to use. I myself own a Stereophile Class A-rated DAC which boasts amazing measured performance and have purchased or assembled a number of others. But aside from test bench results, it turns out that reasonably well-designed DACs really do sound pretty much the same. Wolfson, ESS, Tenor, Burr-Brown: As long as you build a pretty good product around them, they have no signature sound.
I would not know but I would love to believe you. But since this is a clear statement according to TOS8# I am now forced to ask you (whether I like it or not) for prove of this claim. As they call it over here: Put up or shut up.

The problem with your opinion: You assume that you actually hear what you think you hear. When in fact your perceptions are colored by all manner of factors such as your mood at the time. If I were to repackage and present my $40 Behringer really really well, I have no doubt I could convince someone they were hearing a $10K++ product.
And now you made a statement that forces you by act of TOS8# to prove to me that I don't hear what I hear!!! Even though what I really hear might not be what actually is, I still hear what I hear and I believe you won't be able to prove the contrary. And please don't tell me I have to prove what I hear, or to prove what I feel. Let's not stop recognizing each other as human beings.  Oh, and another thing you probably would have no problem fooling me that a $40 Behringer actually is a $10K++ product but I can assure you you would have a terrible problem having me pay the latter.

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