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Topic: [TOS #9] Bad rips with Cactus DataShield 200 and an LG GH24NSB0 (Read 462 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TOS #9] Bad rips with Cactus DataShield 200 and an LG GH24NSB0

I've been trying to rip a promo copy of Kraftwerk's Tour De France Soundtracks. This is the release on Discogs.

It is copy protected with Cactus DataShield 200 according to ClonyXXL, with an illegal TOC.

When I try to rip it with my drive and EAC 1.3, only 4 of the tracks out of 12 are verified. The other tracks show up as having different samples at a few positions.

Usually on the first rip the CRCs do not match for all the tracks. They usually match for 8 out of 12 tracks. The rest I have to rerip until the CRCs match, usually in burst mode if I started with secure or in secure if I started with burst.

The same issues manifest if I use AnyDVD to fix the crap TOC.

I am ripping these tracks so that I can listen to them on my PC.

Is this the fault of my drive? Or is it caused by EAC not being able to differentiate between the KW3 pressing which I have and the KW4 pressing?

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