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[TOS #8] Giving up streaming & MP3.

Hi guys, Im new to this forum and was just looking for some opinions on my set up for listening...

Basically, I used to be into high quality audio, cambridge audio amp + bookshelves + high end asus xonar sound card, iTunes ALAC etc.... That was over 6 years ago and my listening experience in that past 6 years has degraded to convinient streaming services from the likes of spotify to apple music.... Using whatever speakers or headphones I had on me or my desk.

So just recently I have been into music a lot again (im a rock guitarist of the past 10 years as well) and decided to start ripping mine and my dads enormous CD collection. So here is my current set up, and I have to say, compared to MP3 and the various streaming services / mainstream headphones I have been using, its like listening to a lot of this stuff for the first time again! The detail and 'imersiveness' is just excellent!

Time to cancel my streaming accounts!

Player / Ripper: Foobar2000 > Ripping in Secure Mode with AccurateRip Offset set correctly and AccurateRip Verification on > Level 5 FLAC files. > No processing (ReplayGain OFF) >

Sound Card: USB Presonus Audiobox 22VSL > Mains & Headphones

Main speakers: M-Audio BX8 D2's connected to the Audiobox 22VSL with balanced TRS cables.
Headphones: Shure SRH840's.

Like I say... The fidelity and quality I can hear in the music (Led Zep, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Free, Rival Sons, Airbourne, Bad Company etc....) is just incredible compared to what ive been used to over the past 3 years. The presonus was chosen a while ago because I so some home recording as well, no other reason... But it sure does seem to make a good external sound card for listening!

The Shure SRH840's seem to lack punch on the bass end, but it is there, just not over exaggerated. The clarity and flatness of the sound is just great though!

What do you guys think of my set up? Am I doing things right? I think I am :-)

Hi-Fi: Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable | Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport | 851N DAC/Streamer | 851W Pre-amp | 840W Power-amp | Cerwin Vega XLS215 Speakers

Re: Giving up streaming & MP3.

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Please read our terms again. Because it is in blatant violation of rule #8 it's going in the recycle bin.
Is 24-bit/192kHz good enough for your lo-fi vinyl, or do you need 32/384?

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