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OptimFROG 5.100 has been released

OptimFROG 5.100 adds --preset option with 12 levels for the most efficient compression, SSE2 speed optimizations, and improved compression.

Summary of changes:
  • add --preset command-line option, with levels from 0 to 10, for the most efficient settings;
  • add more efficient versions of the existing *new compression modes, named *new-light;
  • add three new modes, turbonew, fastnew, and normalnew, to complement the extra mode;
  • add --preset max to replace --maximumcompression --advanced-compression combination;
  • speed increase of around 10% for all *new modes, by improved SSE optimizations;
  • speed increase of around 10% for all non *new modes, by newly added SSE2 optimizations;
  • all new compression modes and presets are backward compatible with v4.600 or v4.520.

You can check all the new release packages on the Downloads page and the comprehensive list of changes on the Changes page.

More information about the @OptimFROG Lossless / DualStream / IEEE Float Audio Codec can be found on the OptimFROG website.

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