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[TOS #5] Re: Transfering "date added" and star rating tags to Foobar2000 from iTunes

I asked this question years ago. I was basically treated like an idiot and linked to things that haven't been relevant in 6+ years. I specifically asked about the date added field. That's really what was most important to me. I was basically told "You're an idiot, google it". I never figured it out, and switched from iTunes to MusicBee, which is fantastic, and imports everything you could ever want, and works flawlessly with any device you could imagine (including, and especially apple devices). It can also use Winamp DSP plugins.

Foobar2000 is a great application. It really is, and if you're just starting a music library, it's the best thing out there. However...with the community (at least at the time I asked) being of such an elitist attitude, and unwilling to help build a larger community through friendliness and problem solving, I can't recommend it if you're switching from something else. Use MusicBee, it's the best player out there if you're migrating a library.

If you do ever figure this out though, let me know. I've been checking back every so often to see if a solution has been surfaced - and I've been looking for...5 years now?

Re: [TOS #5] Re: Transfering "date added" and star rating tags to Foobar2000 from iTunes

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Going through your older posts that's not how you were replied to. There were examples of how this could be done posted by various users and I didn't see evidence of you being treated as an idiot.

As for iTunes Apple make many things a hassle to get data out from, making it difficult to export certain data but easy to import. iOS apps for example can store metadata of files to a separate file rather than the files themselves so extracting then matching the data is a pain when one would like stored as tags in the files.

It also should be kept in mind foobar2000 is made by a single individual out of their own pocket and time from the beginning until very recently where there was a fundraiser to develop a mobile client. Winamp on the other hand was/is a dedicated company with staff and offices who could handle including iTunes import support (based on what you posted in a different thread). This shouldn't be taken for granted.

If the iTunes metadata is stored to a file and the solutions already posted haven't worked then Mp3Tag could probably be used if the data is in plaintext. You'll be far better asking in a politer way though than coming across as accusatory as these may be among the few who can help.

Re: [TOS #5] Re: Transfering "date added" and star rating tags to Foobar2000 from iTunes

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So your rant got removed from the other topic you replied to and you just copy pasted it whole and repeated it again here. Do you actually believe that's a good idea? Especially with such arrogant attitude insulting the very community you expect help from. I also looked at your older posts and don't see a problem with the way you were treated, I however do see a problem with your attitude. that's about all I'm willing to say to you.

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