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Topic: [Titleformatting/Facets] Possible to split tag for multiple column entries? (Read 146 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Titleformatting/Facets] Possible to split tag for multiple column entries?

Hi there,

I am using fb2k as my preparation tool for my djing and wondered if and how it is possible to split a tag entry and use the split term to create multiple column entries.


album tag: #tag1 #tag2 / Album title

entries in the facets column:

... so basically I want to ignore everything after "/" and split the part before by the sharp. To me it doesnt matter if the sharp is still visible in the list. Normally I would solve this by splitting the tag into more tag entries by ";" but that is not supported by Traktor, so far I see this as the only convenient tagging solution.

Hope you can help me out a bit!

Greetings & Thanks in Advance!

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