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Advice on terrible audio

Hi sorry i'm new here and i was wondering how to fix the audio file on this youtube video.

I've tried my best to amplify and get rid of the background noise but the audio is still unsatisfactory. I just want to listen to it clearly without having to clip or make it sound unnatural (like robotic)

anyone care to give me any tips on how to make the guys in the video sound normal and clear?
maybe there are other effects i can use that will get the job done. I have very little experience with audio aside from the basic recording, clipping, deleting, amplifying, speed, and noise reduction techniques in Audacity.


Re: Advice on terrible audio

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Filter out the hiss, then apply dynamic range compression so that the audio isn't so quiet.  Low pass filtering might help too given how low the signal is.

You'll probably not have great results though.  Looks like someone just screwed up and forgot to record the guy's mic.  Not much you can do about that.

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