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NEWBIE: Looking for Music Management & Player Recommendations


I am looking for a Music management and player software application that is similar in behavior to Calibre for ebooks.

In other words, I would like for the music app to store information about the music, AS WELL AS THE ACTUAL music tracks within the app itself.

For example in Calibre, if I have a folder that contains ebooks, when open the Calibre app and load a book into it, it will actually create a copy of the book for the app and renames it using its own naming convention, leaving my original ebook intact (so now I have two copies of the same book, and I can delete the original copy, since Calibre has its own). 

Are there any music application/playback apps that behave in this way? I have MediaMonkey and it does not seem to behave that way.

I would also like to store my music on a PC Server (Windows Server 2012) and play the music there over the network on at least 2 different PCs that share a network with the server. 


NEWBIE: Looking for Music Management & Player Recommendations

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Hi computer-girl,

I'm afraid you probably haven't gotten any responses because there may not be an application that auto-copies your music once you point the application at it. It's quite possible to write a script that would do so, of course. Foobar2000 is almost infinitely configurable, but requires the user to do the configuring.

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