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Topic: Win 8.1, second display (non PnP) shown with GeForce GTX 660 Ti (Read 820 times) previous topic - next topic
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Win 8.1, second display (non PnP) shown with GeForce GTX 660 Ti

Hey guys, I have a weird problem with my PC and maybe you can help. I recently noticed while moving my mouse towards the right edge of my screen that the mouse is somehow moving further instead of sticking to the edge and saw that a second, non PnP, display was detected by Windows and configured to expand the desktop to it. I only have one display attached to the computer though (via HDMI). The other ports of the video card, DVI, VGA and IIRC also DP are empty (no converter whatsoever attached, just bare empty). I also have the latest nVidia drivers installed. If I remove the display from the device manager, it's automatically added again. All this would not disturb me that much because I can simply tell Windows to show my desktop on display 1, but suspending my PC does not work and according to the energy diagnostics it's the display's fault. Hibernate works fine. Googling didn't reveal anything useful as most Windows 8 problems are about the computer not being able to hibernate and not about S3 suspend.

Any ideas?

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