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I need help

well a couple of days ago, i just delete the rockbox folder on my fuze, before you start to yell me, i did uninstall it by the normal method (through rockbox installer), but it frozes during the process and i was force to do that, know the funny or weird thing  is that im able to boot sansa original soft by left+on, but it cannot be recognize by windows (unknow device), try to force mount it on fedora, but fedora does not even recognize it(like it's nothing mount in the usb hub) soo im quite stuck, i can normally read my sd card and listen music using the official sansa soft, but i want to install rockbox again, but i cant, i dont know if i killed my sansa player or is a faulty cable (i can still recharge it, and i have tried changing to mtp to msc, even forcing it but nothing), every time i turn it on normally it pop ups the messege of software not found, soo some rockbox remnants must be still inside, but i dont know what to do (sorry for my bad english and grammar).

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