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It isn't only in the music industry

Although it does not mention the music industry, it is obvious that there is an interesting similarity with what is discussed to certain often decried and debated aspects of music production and promotion. Maybe one day I will bother to figure out how to address a particular part of a web page but for now, anyone interested in the most striking relevance can simply search on
Dylans Desk
once they get to the web page.

I also see an insight to certain aspect of pop music itself in the thrust of the entire article, which I find interesting, regardless of any connection to music. These same pressures that drive much academic scientific research (and no doubt account for a very significant part of any "consensus") probably account in no small part for the sameness between the productions of many artists in certain music genera. The same applies in the TV and movie business with its scripts to a formula, full of stereotypes. This may help the truly creative stand out more however.

It isn't only in the music industry

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really good point and good article.  Some people have stepped beyond their area of expertise and are making decisions based upon non-sense, and the business model doesn't typically defer to science, but to greed.
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