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Sudden appearance glitch playing audio Windows 7

Hi, Apologies in advance for being a bit vague describing this.  I'm using HP Pavilion desktop Windows 7, 64-bit, Intel i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM 16 GB.  I use Foobar2000 together with Sennheiser HD650 and Graham Slee 'Bitzie', but actually the problem has nothing to do with those (just added for background context).  I never had any problem playing music from stored files in any format, or live from eg Naxos Muslc Library or You Tube, until about a month ago.

I had a crash of unknown cause and had to call in a professional.  As a result of a lot of discussion and reading &c, I decided to completely re-arrange everything -- I put all my O/S, all programs etc on a newly installed SSD (Samsung 840EVO) as the 'C' drive, and put everything else on a new 'D' drive, HDD.  Everything is working fine, very much faster.

However, whether connected with the above or otherwise (and it might be connected with several updates from Windows, NVIDIA graphics card, I don't know) whenever I play music or videos, whether from audiofiles or videos stored on my pc, or from websites such as You Tube, they play fine but unpredictably and every so often there's a very slight pause in the flow, fractions of a second, before the music or video continues perfectly.  I compare it to a kind of hiccup.  As you'll appreciate, this is a nasty problem when trying to listen to music.  (I have temporarily transferred listening to a laptop which luckily I also use.)

I'm told by a friend that such problems can be a devil of a job to trace -- that it might for instance be due to some quite different program trying to start up, temporarily interrupting the audio or visual software, so I'm not asking you for a full solution here!

I'm really asking if you have any advice, suggestions as to where I can go, eg where to look on my computer for what's causing the problem?

I've done full malware / virus scans with 3 different anti-malware and anti-virus programmes, done a full defrag of the 'D' drive (but not of course of the SSD).

Hope you might be able to give me a pointer or two, as to the right direction to look.

Many thanks in advance


musicweaver [AT] btinternet [DOT] com
Brian Robinson, Milton Keynes, UK

Sudden appearance glitch playing audio Windows 7

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That sounds like a thoroughly unpleasant situation. Did you do a fresh install of the OS onto the SSD?
Don't run Samsung's RAPID (the default is off) as the power-loss protections on the 840Evo are woefully insufficient.

It might be worth your while to check into the driver for the audio (presumably onboard CODEC) chain; control panel ->device manager->sound,video & game controllers. Expand the sound controllers tree, right click on the output device in use and check the driver version. Cross-reference this to the website of the part manufacturer (or HP I suppose, if Realtek or IDT isn't listed). If a more current driver is available, update and check if there's any change. If not, you still could try to uninstall the driver and let windows reinstall it.

It's possible there's a background process stealing CPU cycles, though with a nice i7 and 16GB of RAM that's tough to imagine. Check the active processes when this sort of thing happens (hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc). In particular, pay attention to processes whose name you don't recognize and especially processes using a lot of CPU time or memory. Unfortunately, HP (like all OEMs) will invariably advise you to wipe your system and re-image.

Do you have all of the filthy programlets that HP preloads onto their machines?
If not, perhaps try reinstalling any such programs related to sound functions. If so, try uninstalling any such thing. Good luck!

Sudden appearance glitch playing audio Windows 7

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[quote author=Audible! link=msg=868808 date=1404359817]That sounds like.... If so ... Good luck![/quote]

Many thanks Audible.  I'm studying this and will probably need to call in that helpful professional as I'm at the edge of my knowledge here!

all best
Brian Robinson, Milton Keynes, UK

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