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Re: Columns UI

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Any chance of increasing the area of 'Use title formatting for playlist titles' textbox? Having only 2 lines makes it fairly hard to edit anything more complex inside the window itself. There's plenty of whitespace left that is currently unused.
I think the simplest thing to do would be to put the Playlist switcher and Playlist tabs options on separate tabs. They aren't related to each other, anyway.

Additionally, the edit does not go live until you either switch to another tab or check and uncheck the corresponding checkbox. The 'Apply' button doesn't seem to be aware that a change has been made.
The main apply button has been discussed before, but perhaps I could make that setting auto-apply with a short delay (the equivalent setting for the main window title applies automatically without any delay, actually).


Re: Columns UI

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Separate tabs sounds good to me.

As I recall the discussion you are referring to was about CUI immediately applying settings vs DUI always requiring a manual 'apply' button press to update settings?

If so, I'm fine with whichever requires less rework/fundamental design changes. I mostly pointed it out because like you mention, other parts of the UI either auto-apply after a short delay or would detect that a change has been made and require user input in the form of the apply button. In the case of that textbox, neither was there.

Thanks for the changes.

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