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Title: Dell Axiom
Post by: ezra2323 on 2003-03-11 00:54:33
Has anyone listened to music on the Dell Axim pocket PC? What do you think?

How do you load music to the Axim? (I know it requires media cards). Do you have to have a card reader attached to your computer or can you load right to the player when the card is installed and the pocket pc is attached via USB? What program is used to do this? Is it the Windows Media Player? When using Windows Media  Player with other MP3 portables - it converts the MP3s to WMA files before installing on the player. This is an unacceptable option for me, transcoding MP3s is BAD.

If not Windows Media Player, what other software can be loaded on the Dell pocket PC? How is it done? Where is the software found?

Any help is appreciated! I am considering buying an Axim or other pocket PC for work reasons but want to take into account MP3 capabilities in my purchase.

FYI - I also own the IPOD. Love it. Recommend it to anyone.
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