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Title: How to rip lossless for use with iTune/ iPod, WMP and Vista Media Cent
Post by: Rupert on 2008-06-24 18:05:18
I have *just* added a Vista PC to my Naim NVi and B&W XT4 + XTC set up
Vista PC has Realtek chip on motherboard ( ALC883 Value 7.1+2 HD Audio Codec ) going to digital optical output which plugs into the NVi

I would like to re-rip my CD collection using a lossless format to repro quality sound and get the sort of detail I do when playing CDs on the HiFi. 

I want to use the files in iTunes (& my iPod) , WMP and Media Centre too. It would be great to be able to play files on my XP latptop too but this is a secondary requirement

Ideally I would like to rip once and use the same file for different clients

Has anyone done this successfully?


PS have a related question about whether I need a seperate sound card to improve the quality or will the current chip be OK?
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