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Title: Playing native DSD files
Post by: Ivodam on 2019-03-13 15:40:22
Hi everybody,

I have a problem when trying to play natively DSD files with Foobar through my Chord Qutest dac.
I have installed the plug-ins for SACD and for ASIO support, the factory ASIO driver from the dac's manufacturer is installed, too.
In the settings I choose the corresponding DSD-ASIO driver and in the submenu SACD I choose Output: DSD.
I get a strongly distorted sound.
Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
Title: Re: Playing native DSD files
Post by: TimsFong on 2019-03-13 22:19:53
For me, long time not use ASIO,All is use WASAPI.DSD-ASIO(native) must use  plug-ins:DSDTranscoderInstall-1.0.10,foo_input_sacd-1.1.1a,foo_out_asio,For DSDTranscoderInstall-1.0.10, The effect has been poor,and foo_out_asio is long time not update.
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